Replay Deletion

Hello Aviators,

I decided not to renew my IF subscription because I am starting school again. I wanted to watch my past flights and they seem to have all been grayed out and unviewable. I’ve exported them to all different applications just to have a black screen. It’s a shame because IF is expensive and I just lost a lot of my content. Is there someone I can talk to to get a refund or a free subscription or at least my photos. And yes, my iPad has storage and I haven’t deleted them.

Yeah, I suggest you try not to do that. The .replay format does not allow for exporting to a video format or viewing on any other app, since it is an interactive data file, not a video. Only IF can read those file types.

To answer the question, this is by design. Any kind of pro content you are using or don’t own before Global, be it aircraft of scenery, will translate you to not be able to use the replay anyway

If you think about it, Infinite Flight’s price is right for the quality. But I understand what you mean.

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