Replay Crashes App

When i want watching my last flight in replay why always force close ? Its bug ?

I really need to watching my replay beacuse for my flight progress

This is known. It will be worked on :)


This issue will be addressed in the latest hotfix update that is currently being tested by the beta team:

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Owh oke buddy , thanks for info…
I think my phone was broke but its from game bug…
I will be wait for repair because replay is very important for my progress

By the way what device do you use because it could be part of the problem

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Im using PocoPhone F1 android
With spec

Okay i will be waiting
Thankyou for info buddy 👍

It’s a pretty new device so that shouldn’t be an issue. I think it’s as simple as a hot fix. Nothing you can do til it’s released

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Allright buddy
Thankyou for info 👍🙏

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