Replay converter

No idea, I liked the recorder too.

Well i bought the pro version yestrday, so i want it back

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Unfortunately there is no way of getting it back :(

(IF Recorder)

The recorder was only available in Android versions of Infinite Flight. While I am not 100% on the technical reasons why, I do know that by recording it identifies your app to use additional security modules which is then told to users. Many of these warning will scare off customers. Also with Google’s change to the ability to record the internal audio it is better suited with a third party recorder.

As Tim elegantly stated, the replay is data and not a video format. If you would like to make a video simply replay the flight with the camera angle of your choosing and record it with a third party recorder. Conversion is not possible.


I don’t know why but i always get kind of scared when I see Chris typing…


No need to be though, we are all humans in the end :)

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For me in replay mode IF tries to block my recording app (DU Recorder, Samsung Galaxy A40, pre-release phone) so I start recording before I open the app. Love IF though, I fly 2-4 flights a day… within the next hour I’ll start a long haul! I hate it for the last few weeks I’ve been so active on this community that halfway through the morning I run out of likes 😂


What recorder are you using? There may be others that are better?

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DU Recorder. I use it to sometimes stream. The stream quality is amazing, and so is the recording.

Try Mobizen, its used more often and more reliable.

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I’ll have a look! And wait what my likes are back? Yay!

Edit: aaahhh yes I’ve seen this on several mobile streams before.

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I’ve used AZ Screen Recorder before. Very light weight with nice features and options.


It looks goo-… dammit already out of likes. I only liked one post. It looks good and I’m now wasting my storage… 9GB is taken up by IF and my replays. I don’t like ads when they have animated videos of their app on a phone, because… why not just show actual footage unless there is something to hide? Ads? I’m going to stop posting here now before I go fully off topic.😉 have a good day!

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I think this topic has run its course btw.

Have a good day!

@Latvian001 did you get the information you needed?

If you don’t have an iPhone you don"t have an iPhone.
Usely Apple devices are more stern about that kind of things. For once.

Hi, sorry no.

They dont have internal screen recording

:O I have an idea. You go to aptoide and downgrade the version of the recorder, or better you can connect phone to PC and mirror and record it through a PC

Well Infinite Flight Replay files contain flight information and details etc. So they are not just simply files that can be converted into videos easily.
The suggest about connecting to a PC will possibly work. I am no Xiaomi expert, but in short the answer for me is there is currently no known way of converting a replay file to a video.

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