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Is there any converter thing, which can convert the replay files, of a flight to a (for example) 1080p usable video. If not, is there a way to record your flights on Android with internal sound? Im using an Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6 GB ram and 64 GB internal storage. Thanks!


How could you convert a replay into a video? You can turn the camera and switch camera views during a replay which you can’t do in a video. You could always install a recorder app and record from the replay though.


Hey, Android has disabled internal audio recording. Which makes this impossible unfortunately.

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Nope. Works perfectly fine for me.


Wait, what?

I can never find a way to internally record audio on Android, and most apps say it’s not allowed.

Only certain phones (Very few of them) can do this. Unless you root your phone

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Some manufacturers have it built in like Huawei/honor for me, whereas others don’t.

@Latvian001 from a quick Google search, it seems many other people have the same issue with the pocophone f1. I will continue searching to see if there is a workaround.

I think he means about the sounds like 100, 50, 40, 30 from the radioaltimeter

There is, you have to root your phone.

Or buy some overpriced Mobizen earphones

Android disabled the possibility to record internal audio in Android 7, Only certain manufacturers have it pre-built.

No. He cannot screen record with system sound. It only record mic audio.

@Latvian001 if you go to the built in screen record app, then go to settings and in sound source, do you have the system sound option?


Also: What app do you use for screen recording?

So it really depends, if you are using an IPhone. Because Google does not allow to record internal audio, and i need the same sound effect quality, if you use a recorder, then the internal sound will be crappy, and you can’t record internal audio from a recorder.

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Yes, you can’t record the internal audio, so if that is what you were asking then its answered.

And the question I asked for is there any .replay file converter that converts the file to a video

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I use the In_built screen recorder, but it records only your voice

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Oh okay.

There is no converter at this time unfortunately.

That would be like converting a spreadsheet into a video.

It’s a data file with recorded positions and commands, etc. That’s not something that can just be made into a video


Wait im using the my phone in built app. There should be an inbuilt IF recorder

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There used to be, but its gone now.

Why did they remove?

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