Replay bugs and aircraft model issue

I have noticed some other user had posted similar issues about replays but not exactly same as what I met in the game. In the online mode, I have switched on the APU for the electricity and kept my engines off, just like the realistic pilots. However, I have electricity on the live mode but as I open my replay file, the plane is completely dark even though I can hear the sound of the APU working. This issue had been observed on both Boeing 777-300ER and the newest released Airbus A330-300.

the second issue I have been experiencing is, all the newest released aircraft (Boeing 777 series, Boeing 757 and A330) have a really weird spoiler. When I set my internal drone camera by the window, I could see the internal structure of the spoilers and the flaps. But if I move the camera closer to the wing surface, everything went back to normal.

those questions were really annoying cuz I am making the realistic videos with the infinite flight. Please fix it if it is possible. Thank you so much!!!

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That’s because a portion of the camera is inside the wing so you’re clipping through the wing, you’re too close to it. Because the camera does not have a shadow, the distance from the wing is difficult to judge so it may appear that you are further away from the wing then you actually are.

This is present in all aircraft, the newer aircraft have more detail though so the clipping of objects on the wing is probably more noticeable.


About the aircraft model, the devs are aware and hope to improve it with advancements in Project Metal, as stated in this topic:

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