Replay Bug

I am having problems with the replay timeline where I can’t skip to a different time. The amber toggle was placed at the very end of the timeline, and whenever I try constantly tap onto it, that’s when the game crashes instantly. Also there is a an odd message saying “Discontinuity detected, app was deactivated/ disconnected for XXXXXXX seconds” which doesn’t show the full conversations I had with the ATC.
I don’t know if this is a 5G problem cos I’m currently play the game with 5G.

iPhone 14 Pro
iOS 17.1.2


Yeah had the same issue trying to watch the replay of my last flight . I deleted and reinstalled IF and after it worked again . Try it , it might help .


The app crashed once again twice today and decided to delete the app and reinstall after reading your post.
Hopefully it will resolve the issues.
@Merky_AviationYT I’ve posted about the topic a few days previously I had the same issue.
When is the last time you delete the app and reinstall? Quite a while I bet.

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The last time I had this app installed was when I just got my new phone which was back in April. Right now, I’ve just deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve exported the replayed files that I needed before deleting and imported them into the app after reinstalling it. And now, I’m trying to play my replayed flight which is taking 6 years to load now.

I’m still keep getting the same issue again

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It’s possible that your replay got somehow corrupted. Could you send it over using or Google Drive (or similar)?

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Here’s the replay

Something definitely went horribly wrong with your replay. Your latest discontinuity alone is at about 8,400 years. The reason your app is crashing when you’re trying to scroll on the timeline is because there’s 2489 years of app discontinuity recorded by the replay before the first real event of the replay takes place - auto-tuning to ATIS upon launching the flight. These are time periods that, as I’m sure you’re able to guess, are A. Not realistic, and B. Definitely not something IF is built to be able to handle.

Could you please check if any of your other recent replays have such issues? It could simply be an issue with this particular replay, but I wanna make sure a more serious issue is not the reason behind this.

I would also recommend restarting the app before every flight, to reduce the possibility of issues like this arising again in the future.


Sorry to hear this. What kind of issue is still present.
I am about to do ICN -ADD - first flight since reinstall and will report here if the issue is still persistent.

I started to have this issue over a month or two ago with an occasional app crash/ corrupted replays but the past 10 days was particularly bad.

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Alight, I checked a couple of past replays and everything is fine.


Happy to report my first long haul ICN -ADD went without any issues and checking on the replays the discontinuing app messages is no longer present. So it’s FIXED🥳🥳🥳

But I want to add that bug is still present on the CDG-HND replay

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I’ve spoken too soon!!
My app crashed 😒

Checking the replay it just says:
13:05: Application Deactivated
13:05: Application Activated

I did NOT tune out of the departing airport FYI so would this trigger the crash?

luckily i’ve been blessed. all i can say is i leave my wifi off

I am still getting those discontinuing detected messages, a lot of it doesn’t make sense in my recent flight. This is right after I spawned in! The replay was corrupted.

I have previously deleted and re-installed the app after many unexplained crashes. This flight however, the app did not crash, I completed the route, landed successfully and parked before spawning out.

Could anyone shed a light on this?

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Apparently, the replay file is corrupt

This is not the the first time I’m getting the problem.

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I suspect it might to do with a dodgy WiFi, even though my WiFi at home is absolutely fine. I am going to do a test and connect WiFi at a different place & see if it is still producing the same result and report here. And I will do a few flights, not just the one.

It also happened when I used 5G without the WiFi. I wasn’t able to contact ATC when I was live.