Replay bug

Hi all I was watching a replay on my IPhone XR I have the newest OS released and my game is up to date while watching this replay I was using the camera labeled normal when this started happening I was able to correct the issue by simply changing views but I wanted to make sure I brought it to the attention of the devs.

See ya in the skies,

Wow double winglets! The only thing I could recommend is restarting the app or reinstalling the app - but I would not do it until a dev gave the thumbs up.

I would suppose restarting your phone or reinstalling would be the way to go. Again probably wait for a dev’s thumbs up

No try zooming in all the way, and unzooming
Works for me all the time
It is a known issue

I was able to fix this by changing to a different internal view and then back. I just wanted to post it so it could be fixed in future cuz it is slightly annoying when your trying to take screenshots.

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