Replay Bug


So during the replay, the first thing that it had on the ATC panel was that I was “Ghosted for not specified”. However during the flight, I never got a ghosted tab and when I finished the flight, I was also not ghosted. And that I still kept my grade 4. I also did no thing to get ghosted. So this is why I am thinking that it is a bug and not a player thing.

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Hi Samuel,

Are you on the latest version of Infinite Flight that includes a hotfix when this occured?

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No, but I just did when I checked the app store.

However, it is still there

Go to you’re log book, and see if it has a ghosting on the flight…

No, there is not a ghosting for the flight

I’m pretty sure that the Developer is aware of this issue. Note: I might be wrong about this.

That is why I want to make sure that they are aware of this bug.


I believe this was fixed in the latest hotfix update that was pushed recently from looking at this thread here:

So, make sure that you update to the latest version of Infinite Flight that includes the hotfix and this shouldn’t occur again…


Okay, great. Thanks!

Luke is correct. Update the app in the store or delete it and reinstall it and the latest build will be on your device.


I’m having a similar issue myself. Except it’s more complicated. Recently posted in the support forum too.

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have you deleted Infinite Flight and re-downloaded it again?

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