Replay bug where the plane floats away on 00:00:00

Am I literally the ONLY ONE with this problem with my replays??

I’ve been searching for results on an issue like this and I found nothing. What’s the deal with this? Is it fixable? Did I forget to do something before playing them? Please reach out to me if you have any solutions. Thanks!

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Are you questioning the timeline? I’m not sure what your picture has to do with wifi?

I think he’s referring to two timestamps. It may also involve how his groundspeed is 0kts

Ok let me rephrase the picture
When I get on the replay, the timeline doesn’t move at all (sometimes happens at 0:00, happens later in the replay) and the plane starts floating away and the text above it turns orange as in the good old “Connection Issue”

The first number is the time of your recording starting at zero. The second one is the UTC time when the replay was recorded.

Hmmmm I haven’t seen that. Sometimes I have to reload the replay a second time because I have crappy AT&T slow internet at home.

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I don’t know if that’s an internet problem, I came back to it a few more times and the same thing happens.

Can you do a screen recording of the issue?

Sure just gimme a couple moments…

Ok done

What device are you on?
Are you on wifi or cellular?
Does it happen if you reboot your device and try again?
Does it happen with all replays or just that one?

1 iPhone XR
2 Wifi, sometimes cellular because I go places
3. Still happens anyway
4. Pretty much all of them.

THIS JUST HAPPENED to me and I posted about it in the humorous Live Photo’s topic. It’s really annoying because I am trying to take screenshots of some of my flights this year for a post.

This happens to me too with almost every replay but it fully loads and goes away after about 30 seconds

Thanks, we are looking into it. Does clearing the scenery cache prior to loading the replay help? I’ve seen this before though.

Can you share the replay with me so I can look at the replay?

I cleared the cache and it still does the same thing
Also how to share the replay?

Export it and upload it to and provide the link it gives you.

Thanks. The bug is stored with the replay. We are looking into the cause.


Mkay, thanks