Replay Bug Report: UI disappears

Hello Infinite Flight

I discovered two little bugs

  1. When you start replay mode the camera is set to FreeCam but it actually shows the normal outside view

  2. When you change the time and weather and then use the freecam zoom, the UI disappears. You have to zoom out again to see the UI. This only happens when you change the weather. When you don’t change anything and zoom, the UI keeps to be shown.

Here’s a quick video for you to see what I mean:

And because of Dailymotion seemingly having issues:

Device Information:

  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5

Maybe try uninstalling, restarting and then installing. See what happens.

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Yea, that happened to me as well, but i just re-downloaded it and it’s fine now.

Reinstalling the game did not work for me. The error still occurs.

Hi, I’d like to inform you that the video is still uploading:


Yeah, it’s a bug of dailymotion. If you reload the page, it should be there.

Otherwise, here’s a direct shortcut link: Link to Dailymotion Video

Still says it’s publishing. Even on direct link.

Then let’s try YouTube. Maybe this will work.

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Hmm, seems strange.
Maybe it has something to do with your UI Timeout.
What are the current settings of the timeout?

I don’t see anything wrong yet. If the UI Disappears, tap and hold the screen for 3 seconds to get the UI back up, or you can make it disappear. This is a new feature of the 19.1 version when replaying flights.


  • Tap and hold the screen anywhere to make the UI screen disappear. This is used to get a nice view of any flight within any view.

  • Tap and hold the screen once again for 3 seconds to get the UI back. You can then continue to control your views and the replay.

I hope this helps. Before you changed the weather, I think you touched and hold the screen for more than three seconds which is the reason for the UI to disappear. Please let me know if this is wrong. I hope this helps.

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As simple as that… Never would have figured that one out. Just taping and holding the screen for three seconds. Thank you, it worked.

Is this actually something known and I missed something or did you figure that out on your own?

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I had the very same problem you know! I had to leave my flight during my first replay session. 😉

People had the same problems like this before.