Replay Bug Possibly.

Hello. While I was on the solo server using the global update I found that when I turned off my engines lets say half way through my take of to resemble a failed engine. When I do a rejected take off I decided to replay and watch the plane. What I found was that when I replayed the game even before I began taking off the same engine that I turned off half way through take off was still on. Although the animation was not working I found that the replay did the exact same thing as what I did but not being accurate with when I turned off the engine. Although this is not a big deal or anything I would like to just notify you of what I found in my game. It may just be me being stupid or it could be a bug. PS: I was using the A380-800 when I found this bug if that helps.


I noticed too, must just be a glitch, @moderators??


No need to tag the moderators.

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Phew good thing its not just me going crazy!


This is also a glitch with aircraft lights. If you land in Solo and turn your strobes off as you exit the runway in reply the strobes are off for the whole reply. I would really like this to be fixed.


This is not a bug or a glitch. The replay system is complicated and I’m only guessing how it works. It doesn’t record your exact flight and parameters. It records the path you took, your speed altitude and your gear, flaps and engine throttle. It then basically clears the world of your plane and brings in the ghost plane. And it then takes your last parameters like time weather and engine status. You may notice that if you set throttle to idle in the replay and then go out of the replay to your current place, the throttles will throttle up. This is probably known and I don’t see it being needed to fix that desperately as it would require a change in the replay system

This is a known glitch with the the replay mode. It should hopefully be fixed in one if the upcoming hotfixes.

If this is correct, the solution is for the replay to also record the engine state and represent it properly :)

That is one idea, but meh, i’m not too bothered. Plus I might be completely wrong and they do it differently

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