Replay bug crash

I’m having problem with replays since the new update came out I thought it would be fixed in the 2 hot fix’s but it hasn’t. I have a video showing what is going on

iPad Air m1
IPadOS 17.7.2

I too have the problem across all device, the file might be corrupt
I’m on both iPad Air 5 and iPhone 13Pro(picture)


This is on our radar and it does seems to be related to corrupted files.
We’ve checked a few replays and they’ve all been the same.

The result you’re seeing here, is an attempt to “fix” files that are corrupted. Unfortunately it didn’t work it seems.


Has the problem creating these corrupt files noticed by the team? Because it only happens in this recent update, I hope there’s a fix that prevent making corrupted files

That’s a different story. Or should I say stories since they can be for a number of reasons. So I’m afraid I can’t answer that.

I think it happens when my WiFi disconnects, it doesn’t happen when I do short flights (1hr<) but something longer than 2 hrs it have a problem

Connectivity issues could be a reason, yes.

Sorry I wanna take back what I just said, I’ve had connectivity issues in my 1 hour flight but it wasnt corrupted, but o notice when my flights are longer than 2 hours, it becomes corrupted. But this is just my experience so take it as a grain of salt

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