Replay bug - Corrupted file?

After a ten our flight from NZAA to KORD in the 787, I went to check the reply file and got this. You cannot move the progress bar, but you can skip five seconds forward. It will reach a certain point (just when I was pushing back), and refuse to go any further. It’ll also display the callsign of my previous flight, being 5522. I was using 111 at the time of this flight. I’d like to know if anybody has experienced it, and if yes, do you have a fix for it?

I’m using an iPad 11inch 3rd gen with iOS 17.3

From my experience, this seems to happen when I originate at airports with high traffic no matter how long the flight is

I believe so. This is another flight I did with high traffic and the same bug occurred. I hope they fix this since this would ruin everyone’s FPL during events.

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Known topic y’all. Please search the last few topics as half of the recent Support topics are based on exactly this issue.

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This is a known issue where the replay file gets corrupted somehow.
It’s being investigated.