Replay / Auto delete uncertainty

Device: irrelevant to the question
Operating system: irrelevant to the question

I have also experienced the issue that appeared after 24.1. where all of my old replays got corrupted and are inaccessible, but are still present on the device.

My question is: will Auto-Delete delete all of these replays? Is there any other way besides a full app reinstall to clear up the memory used by the corrupted replays?

Hey there!

Auto-Delete will delete all replays, except:

  • The latest 10 replays
  • Replays you have locked manually
  • ATC replays, if they’re ≤ 7 days old
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Follow up question -

Do recent locked replays count towards these 10, or do only “unlocked” replays count?

Another follow up -

Since the old corrupted replays technically arent actually there according to the logbook, will they get deleted?

There is also a bug were you cant unlock a reply to delete it once it is locked.

Moving this back to Support as i think that the lack of clarity around this issue warants it

Does anyone have any idea regarding this?

The devs are aware of the issues with the Auto-Delete feature.
It’s being worked on.
Hopefully more information will be available soon.

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Hi, so I’ve never turned auto-delete on, but I am encountering the same problems

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