Replay auto delete turned itself on even though I've been playing IF for a year

Device:Iphone 7
Operating system:ios 15.8
Replay autodelete turned itself on when the app updated and now most of my replays are gone. This is despite the developers promising returning players the option. Thanks for deleting all my old replays that are now gone forever!

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I just lost a lot of my replays as well I know they said auto delete wouldn’t be on unless you turned it on but it was automatically on for me as well

I had the same problem

And devs are ignoring this issue

Seems like many people did

I’m facing the same issue currently. Every month I export all my replays of my flights, and clear out everything else. I was supposed to do the same when I got back to Florida tomorrow, but auto-delete deleted everything. I had about 50 flights between last month’s exporting session and today which were lost, spare the last ten.

Same issues here, but there’s one more hope, on my device it says IF is taking up 14G of storage which is more than the storage it should take without any replays for sure. So the replays might still stored somewhere that we couldn’t reach to, so just wait and see if IF team could have a solution for this.


We can only hope for the best.

Are we? I’ve personally replied to at least one of the topics regarding this that appeared and it is being worked on internally and will have a hotfix for this (among a few other issues).

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will the hot fix bring the replays back or just prevent this from happening in the future

No, they’re taking it away entirely. Replays are lost permanently.

Such a disappointing result eh

There were several topics about this. I had no way of knowing you replied to one. And that still doesn’t account for the fact all of our replays are now gone…

“One thing we’re not quite as excited about is a bug in our new auto-delete system for replays. Some users have experienced this feature being turned on and activated automatically when updating the app, resulting in the loss of replays. We want to extend our sincere apologies for this, as we know you’ve grown accustomed to knowing these replay files are safe and sound.”