Replay and loading sceen issue

Hello fellow community members!

I´ve recently experienced some issues with displaying replays and the loading screen not showing a picture as shown below

As you can see, the replay doesnt show any video the other things like map and ATC history work just fine.
Same goes for the loadig screen below. Doesnt show any picture but the flight itself can be done normally without issues

My device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ running on Android 11 (recently updated).
Most recent IF version is also installed.

I have tried clearing cache, device restart, app restart and installing Infinite Flight on my Phone which is running Android 9.
There, the issue doesnt occur and everything works fine…

I can only conclude that is has to do something with the OS of my device, but if you have any other ideas i´d be happy to try them out :)

I have the same issue.

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someone will get back soon i hope! i have no experience with Android so i probably won’t be the best of help :/

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How new is the S7+? I don’t know android tablets that well…

I deinstalled it twice cause it didnt work the first time and now it seems to be fine… its just sad that all the replays are gone but this seems to be the only way to fix it.

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