Replay acting weird

Hello. I have a question, for some reason the replay does not work and shows this screen. I have checking every hour or so for 7 hours oof. It worked fine yesterday… I have done everything that i can think of


Ok. Maybe your WiFi cut off when you where using the app…

nope it did not happen

I have been having this problem today as well. It’s not my WiFi as websites have been loading just fine.


I had a issue where it froze up and I retried and had the same issue :C can someone give me some assistance

I’m currently having this issue as well. I really want to see my replays, but I can’t! It appears most people are having trouble within the last 24hrs. My theory is that it may be due to the hotfix. Hopefully we can get an update on what the issue is.


Hey i have the exact same problem lol. I am not sure if it is a coincidence or if the wifi or internet is working. It worked yesterday but stopped working since…

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i get this question too

Restart infinite flight and if doesn’t work restart your connection. If still doesn’t work restart your device.

In the image you are showing, your account is not connected. I think that to have access to your replay of flights made in multiplayer, you must have a professional subscription.
If maybe I am wrong, restart empty the cash from the simulator and restart it.

he is trying to open a solo mode replay

I’m having same issue. Replays working yesterday but not since updated to 20.1. Device reset and restarted, reinstalled IF but still no joy. I was also trying to watch replay in solo mode and not logged into an account.

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Me too I also want to look at my replay but I have the same problem


Okay, this is a bit odd.
Are these replay files from recent sessions, or older ones? Or both?


There are alot of posts about this topics probably a bug…

it happened to me but a long time ago… all i did was restart the app a couple of times and i changed my wifi as i have a couple of them

It is on both for me I tried to do older one and it still was messed up and same with the new one but what happened was is I tryed to screen record and then it froze for a min then I couldn’t press play or anything it i could just scroll around and looked around the plane

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Hi, mine were from both pre and post update. Game play is fine though, just replay not working. I’ve got two android devices both replays worked on both devices until update, after update both unable to replay. I wasn’t logged in an account though just solo flight. Thanks

I posted this in another topic regarding the same issue:

recent sessions

OK, thanks for letting me know.