Replay 22.4 Bug

Good afternoon folks, I am noticing an issue with the replay on this amazing 22.4 update. As I was going to capture the shots from the replay on 22.4 regarding Southwest Airlines Flight 203 from St. Louis to Los Angeles, I don’t see any GSE equipments on the tarmac at St. Louis in the replay. I saw the GSE during my flight, but not in the replay. This also includes the gate not moving plus GSE at LAX in the replay. I hope you provide a solution of what should happen in order for me to be able to see the GSE equipments in the replay to take a screenshot of it to post in the screenshots category as the new 22.4 update. I would never expect something like that to happen. Thanks a lot.


Unfortunately at this stage GSE are not visible in replay. Check out Cameron’s reply below:

Take care mate!


Alrighty then, then I will have to capture it by spawning in my origin and destination airport. Thanks a lot and have a nice day. This topic can be closed btw.

Op requested closure.