Replace the current Alitalia livery's with ITA

As ITA has the majority of Alitalia’s Airbus fleet it just seems fitting for them to be rebranded in-game. Also as it’s very likely ITA’s new A220 livery might be coming with the A220 release!

i dont really want ALL of Alitalias liveries to go but i know why youre asking it

Also it’s very likely that the so called ‘‘ITA’’ will continue to keep the Alitalia brand


I personally opose this.

As others have mentioned ITA will likely keep the AZ name and brand, maybe with a few slight changes.

Not to even mention that we still have at least 6-8 months to go until we see the first of the new planes, and find out if they have a new livery


As much as I would like the ITA A330 neo and A220 livery I also would like them to keep the Alitalia 772 and A321 livery as Alitalia is historic


I believe the precedence for these type of things indicated that usually liveries are only updated/removed when an aircraft is reworked. So maybe just make a request for the new livery.

Couldn’t you just make a feature request for the livery itself?


Well once we find out how the livery actually looks, we can start talking feature requests ;)

I’m confused at what’s being requested…

Why would they remove the Alitalia livery’s in the first place, we have other defunct airlines in the game with no problem, this plus the fact we don’t even know what ITA will brand itself as I.e. Alitalia or something else, or if they’ll change the livery or not if they don’t change their name etc, this makes me think this topic is a little (maybe a lot) premature because we literally don’t know what we’d replace them with in the place


Devs would not remove a livery because it went out of service, that’s like removing the DC-10 when it gets retired.