Replace "Request Take-off"

Just a quick suggestion, I think we should replace “Request Take Off” with “Holding Short Rwy___ Ready for departure”

  1. Because that is far more realistic and the actual call used (Having actually flown in both Europe and USA myself)
  2. give the poor ATC folk a breather… its quiet obvious that everyone wants to take off from “said” runway, make matters redundant if there was a Ground Controller at the time, he already cleared you to taxi to a runway and hold short… and only one person at a time could “technically” be holding short.

The reason I’m saying “technically” is that until you are actually holding short of the Correct runway i purpose you shouldn’t be allowed to contact tower. hopefully that eases the unnecessary communication and keep things more realistic… and get people to actually listen the controllers in terms of which runway they should use. Yes nobody likes a long taxi, but whats the point of controllers if me people take off any which direction they please.

Happy Flying



Let me move this to #features for you.

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Seems good but how do I convey my direction of takeoff? (pattern/straight out?)

  • Saying you’re holding short doesn’t indicate you are ready to go.
  • You shouldn’t request takeoff until first in line.
  • You should be able to monitor tower while in line.

I think it’s fine the way it is.


If anything, it should be replaced with ‘ready for departure’


Exactly my words!

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If you have a flightplan filled out then you can hold short and controllers can clear you for takeoff without a request because you will follow you’re flightplan (That’s how it’s done IRL, I’m pretty sure IF controllers can do this too)


They actually do that not just advanced but some serious PG controllers too!. I’ve severally been cleared for take off before asking but only when i had a FPL


I’ve noticed a problem that relates to this post. In playground few understand they need to taxi to the beginning on their instructed rwy. So you end up some in correct position, others one(two) entrances down. Which in turn disables outbound following to go further…and can cause congestion with inbounds exiting rwy.(KSAN) is a perfect example.

This would be helpful on playground with everyone requesting to take off while they taxi

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That works too, it depends where in the world you fly… different lingo same meaning… but something should be done to limit when you can call Tower for Departure.

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  1. Its widely understood and I use it when flying in RL myself, although the full correct ICAO your right is Holding short and ready for Departure… but if your contacting tower telling them your holding short, they will most likely give you an instruction.

  2. Thats what id like to prevent hopefully… Limit when you can make the call

  3. nobody said you couldn’t monitor, calling is different as you mentioned…

hope that clears my point… My apologies


There’s already a solution for that. You use the “No intersection departures allowed” command as ATC.

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It would bring a huge sense of realism to the simulator, I personally think it should be worth trialing out.

But at least we have a good command that does the job for now. Unlike:

  • FlightXX ready to take to the sky, departing up!


  • FlightXX I want to depart south now, so let me takeoff

I think the ATC team would be interested in this…

Got it. I agree. Thanks. :)

🤔 I’ve used ready for takeoff runway xx in RL. I don’t think it’s that big of deal how you state it.

The CAA in the UK certainly don’t like use of the term “take off” unless it is part of the take off clearance. Their guidance in the R/T manual is very clear that the term “departure” should be used at all other times, just as @MishaCamp noted.

No idea if the FAA take the same view though.


forcing tower controllers to read your flight plan doesn’t make sense… takes extra time doesn’t help when you have 20 take off requests and 15 landing requests

I’m definitely in favor of using “departure” instead of take-off

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Actually it’s much easier. When traffic holding short builds up you can just quickly command one plane to take off and the plane behind to line up and wait without having to wait for them to request it. This also means you can squeeze more departures out in between arrivals because you’re not waiting for the requests (and less flashing requests on the screen)