Repeating instructions request

Hello everyone,

We all control our planes by a phone or ipad in the middle of our families and friends, so it is normal if somtimes we did not get some instructions and the controller gives us ( follow instructions or you will be ghosted), at this time all i think about is how can i ask the controller to tell me what he want again.

(( i will )) follow instructions, but please say it again.

And this is what i wish to have in infinite flight

Thank you

If you open up your ATC interface, you should be able to view all prior instructions that controllers have issued you :)

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In addition to what Luke said above, double clicking the message log in the ATC tab will bring up all messages directed to your aircraft specifically throughout the whole session.


I can do it m, but some controllers wants you to do what he want (now) or you will be ghosted. If you asked him to repeate he will know you are trying.

No need to ask them to repeat it when you can look back in the ATC log. As I said above, double clicking the ATC log section in the ATC tab will bring up all messages the controller has directed to you only. The resources you need to fill in the blank is there for ya. ;)

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Report is always the last resort, especially with planes in-flight. A single “Please follow instructions” request does the job for most cases and by increasing the amount of safeguards you’ll drastically increase the amount of trolls and other not so good pilots which get away with their actions while not making that much of a difference in good players not being ghosted. For those occasions when a good pilot gets ghosted because of IRL stuff, if he/she is in a good standing their report might be reversed as far as I remember from IFATC weekly stats

I never knew that , Thanks :)

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Also, in the top right of the ATC window, it tells you the last altitude, heading, speed, and runway assignment you received.

This is a solution 😃✅

ATC commands do show up in your AP pannel as well, just adjust to what is different form current setting and your are fine.
When multiple changes need to be done turning should be the first because it could easily spotted by the controller.
You also need to reply to commands, if you don’t the control could imagine you have not noticed, if you responded it is only fair that he expect you to comply.
Good controllers are patient as long as possible, it is up to the pilots not to stress them. For bad controllers nothing would help, including a repeat request.

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