Repeatedly Requesting Pushback

I’ve seen this become a trend more and more, not that it hasn’t been popular already.

In cases of a gate hold, or mostly just it being very busy, but not quite enough for a gate hold, the controller might “stagger” departures. This means he’ll let a certain amount of aircraft out so that the takeoff lines aren’t too long, the rest will be told to hold position.

Having just controlled a session at SEA for myself it seems incredible how many people repeatedly then kept asking for pushback - some almost asking for a “spamming” ghost.

The controller hasn’t forgotten you. We actually have a reminder function for this very reason. The less unimportant, repeated messages the controller has to deal with in the process, the better to efficiently work it out.

Props to a few (who today unfortunately were exceptions) who remained patient and waited to be approved for pushback, such as @InfiniteNick who came to mind - i’m sure quite a few others as well.

Cheers guys! 🙂


Thanks for the mention here! I obviously know the controller did not forget, as I checked the ATIS, and it stated that there was a gate hold. 👍


It should be noted that as controllers, we move on a first-come-first-served under most circumstances. Meaning that we will go through the list in the order that the requests were received.

Asking again bumps your request in the queue from where it was back to the most recent.

You are only pushing your place in line to the end each time. (And, BTW, there is no 6 freebie rule. Spamming is spamming.)


You were being friendly weren’t you?

I was, quite a bit. Personally when I control I don’t like to ghost a lot but try to find solutions around the person, so i’m usually quite tolerant. Plus it would’ve involved 20+ ghosts then lol. Can see that sometimes changing though haha


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