Repeated PM's

I have a couple of issues with this site and it’s usage. Firstly,if i send or respond to a message to someone,and then respond exactly the same to another person as in use the same exact works…it wont allow me to send at all…i would have to edit in some way to make it different…this is SO ANNOYING.
Secondly,if i send PM to a number of people,let’s say 30people,then i send more PM to another set of 30 ppl,it blocks me from doing that and tells me to wait 30mins then i can send,so i wait 30mins and continue to send multiple PM messages,it further restricts me from sending more by telling me to wait a further 13hrs before i can send more PM’s…WTH is that all about…this is SO ANNOYING.

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Meta section.

Long live the DC-9!


Moved to Meta

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This is a trust setting. It’s designed to stop spamming of messages from bots or disgruntled members of the forum.


yea i realize…thanks nigel