Repeated messages at KTPA(Advance)

So I departed out of KTPA and some other guys as well and was told to change frequencies by @Heavydriver, which I did. So few minutes into my flight I start hearing American 2XXX(don’t remember his number)frequency change approved, good day, frequency change approved American 2XXX, good day. These messages kept on repeating about 10 times or more. It also happened to me and someone else.

Now I’m gonna assume this is a bug, since this was on advance and we were being controlled by HD, don’t know why he would spam atc.

Device info-
Samsung galaxy S7
Android 6.0.1


There is a certain way you need to change frequencys. After hitting back from the current frequency connect to a Unicom or something


I know that but thats not the point, the messages kept on repeating and I know this isn’t normal.

Maybe it was an imposter? :smile:

Then they can get banned.

Any ideas on this buddy?

Sorry gentleman I was sleeping when you guys typed these messages. It was me, unfortunately people stay in the frequency through 20,000 sometimes 30,000 feet. When busy occasionally you send clearance information to ajnaircraft that is too lazy to change frequencies. I wish there was an automatic disconnect when “frequencyou change approve” is given because there’s nothing more annoying thenb4 airplanes that took off and are outside your airspace at high altitudes hoarding the frequency. It causes inefficiency and makes the controllers life hard.

I apologize if you had to listen but if I have to issue frequency change 3 separate times and you still do get it then essentially you get forced to change.



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