Repeated crashing of multiplayer post update

I have been getting repeated crashs ingame on multiplayer. It started yesterday when i was about to pushback in HNL with a DL A330 on the advanced server , crash. So i tried again assuming it was a rare crash and i got halfway through planning FPL and crash. I tried multiple times and started trying diffrent planes airports servers etc and all resulted in a crash. Ive tried to identify what im doing that causes the crash (EX: pushback , FPL , ATC ) and it seems to be random. So i gave up and deleted the app and re installed it only to be constantly crashing still. So at this point im assuming its my ipad. I use the ipad mini 3 with 64gb and am running out of options, are there known crashes with the ipad mini 3 currently or is my ipad broken?

Just finally found a fix that worked , doing a complete reboot by holding the lock button and home button for 10 seconds seems to have solved the crashing

Sounds like device system resources problem? Restart or a soft reset should work. Which I see you have figured out already. :)