Repeat on guard warnings from separate ATC

These two replay shots show you that I was asked by Approach and Departure ATC to contact them while I was on the ground at Istanbul. It wasn’t a one-off, that I would’ve forgiven, but this guy made several on guard calls! If this guy’s Capt Krause is on infinite flight community, have some sense. I can’t tune into your frequency (on the ground) and I have no reason to.

All ATC should at least watch some of the tutorials before actually doing ATC.

First of all, you should be a bit less rude. You don’t know if it was a mistake or what the situation was

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I assume this is on training server as LTBA is not on the ATC schedule.We can’t do anything about it, they are training and some are even trolling

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Okay, I may have been a bit too harsh, but he gave me 5+ separate on guard messages from two different frequencies. After the third message I knew this wasn’t just a mistake.

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Possible that he was trolling. Too bad we can’t report ATC for trolling.

Yes, unfortunately there are currently no restrictions on what quality ATC on training servers have to be. So if you would like to get professional ATC, I will suggest you reach Grade 3 and join the Expert skies. You will get the most professional ATC in IF. Good luck!

I got 5 overspeed violations the other day as a result of the weather failure. I love flying in the expert server, it’s just the glitch in the system so I have to wait 7 days.

I believe you can discuss with a moderator if the fact you got all the violations only because of weather failure issue. Then you can fly on Expert as you deserve.

Already did with Matt. I think it’s going to take some time since at the time it was training server.

They should make that a feature

Bad idea, some new Controllers may not know what they are doing and some people may abuse that feature

Alright well they could implement it for Expert server

All expert server Controllers have an IFC account, so you can report them to a moderator if something is amiss

oh Yeah I forgot about that, well then in that case no need for the feature

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