Repeal Violations

I was was doing a formation flight on training server with my buddy IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE in an UNCONTROLLED AIRSPACE when we went up into a vertical climb and and started to stall, my plane started going out of control and spinning everywhere and it said NO ACROBATIC MENUEVERS IN AN ACTIVE AIRSPACE, but I wasn’t in an active airspace and I got 2 violations that I have to wait another week to go on expert server.

You must’ve been near a controlled airspace when you stalled and lost control which is why it considered it as an “aerobatic maneuver”.

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Controlled airspace = airspace with tower control.
Nothing wrong here I’m afraid. If the tower was manned or not doesn’t matter.


Unfortunately, this is still your doing and we can’t repeal violations like you said in the title. Patience mode: on

Those things are better suited for the Casual Server…


Take responsibility. Do them when you are out of the airspace.

You can do acrobatics over purple airports correct?

If you went into an uncontrolable spin, just leave before any worse happens.

I appreciate the dev, but the spin/stall physics is not the most accurate and recovery is not always possible