Reorganize Aircraft List (787 aircraft)

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Title pretty much speaks for itself, after the update I noticed the order of the aircraft lists were thrown slightly off for the 787. It used to go in alphabetical (manufacturer) and then numerical order. After 787 update, the order was thrown off slightly.

If this could be fixed in the hotfix or any future update it would definitely cure my case of OCD lol.

In the picture below it should go 787-8, 787-9, 787-10.



Small mistake but I agree it’s easier to find which one when its in order


Yeah it’s very minute, but nice to have.

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This is due to the numbering system Infinite Flight uses. If I’m not mistaken, they sort things with ASCII values meaning that -10 would come first.

To fix this, they would either need to add a zero in front of 8 and 9 to put them at the top of list, or they would have to change their numbering system.


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It’s because minus numbers e.g.

How did it work with the 747, was it because the -400 preceeded the -8?

It makes me angry that the 787-10 is on top. But as @Chatta290 said, it is a small mistake.

Continuing the explanation that @Chatta290 gave:

In the Alphabetical/Numeric order, it would consider the 787-10 essentially the 787-1, making it before the 787-8.
Here would be the order using that system in the screenshot:

(Boeing 7)57-2 (00)
(Boeing 7)67-3 (00)
(Boeing 7)77-2 (00) ER
(Boeing 7)77-2 (00) F
(Boeing 7)77-2 (00) LR
(Boeing 7)77-3 (00) ER
(Boeing 7)87-1 (0)
(Boeing 7)87-8
(Boeing 7)87-9

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my ocd sense are tingling


I thought that was only on my device, maybe it will be tweaked in the hotfix

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