Reopening a topic

How would I go about opening an old topic of mine? Is it possible and if so how?

I’d like to update this old topic of mine:

I don’t think you can re-open a topic that has been closed due to inactivity, but hey who am I to talk? You could ask one of the moderators they probably have an answer for you.

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Moderators are able to reopen topics, give one of them a message and they should be able to do it for you.

Like @DeerCrusher said

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Thank you!

No problem, Hope you get it opened up soon!

Per my knowledge, topics can only be reopened if they are closed by a moderator. However, it won’t be possible for this happen if the topic was closed on the grounds of inactivity over the last 90 days.

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Actually, Moderators and Admins can. Discourse is cool! 😎

If your topic is re-opened, you will have to create a new reply with the updated information. This is because 60 days since the topic was posted has passed.

You can, however, ask a moderator to update the topic for you. They will most likely say yes. Be prepared to provide the updated version in the .html format. This will allow for an easy copy and paste without ruining the format.

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How did you do that? Lol

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