Reno Internation Airport, Coming to A Device Near You! | KRNO

Welcome to Reno Tahoe International Airport!

Welcome to Nevada’s second-largest airport! This cute airport is nestled in the middle of the city and is surrounded by mountains. It serves mainly Southwest Airlines and United Airlines to destinations along the west coast. It has one international service to Guadalajara, Mexico, with Volaris flying the route. Reno is also home to the Nevada Air National Guard. You’ll mainly find a few C130, with the occasional globe master.

  • August 2023: Airport Started
  • August - October 2023: Mild work
  • December 3: Linework completed
  • December 4-5: Pavements put in
  • December 6: Concourse B finished & Concourse C started
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Yes! I’ve been waiting on this ever since I stayed in a hotel near the airport while driving through a couple years back.


Oh @Neva! I’m sure you be happy to know that Reno is in the works


Happy Holidays IFC! Here is another WIP of KRNO! Both concourses have been added, and progress is chugging right along! I’m hoping to have the airport in OR by mid-January!


Looking amazing! Didn’t realize Reno had such a large airport! Thought it was just a few gates.

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It has a Nevada ANG base, and a lot of GA. I think there is also a Dessault Falcon maintenance base

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YES YES FINALLY RENO!! Been wanting it to be 3D ever since i hosted an event there. It’s also a really scenic area so can’t wait for this to be finished!


I wonder if roads and other landside details will be added like other airports?

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Yes they will be added. A lot more progress has been done then shown in this WIP and I plan to show another one today. Landside is completed 3D wise.

I save the 2D and object placement till the whole airport is done to see how the object count is doing.

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Merry Christmas IFC! Here’s landside 3D completed! 2D work is coming along nicely too!


Aaaaaaaaand another wip! Progress is slowly moving along at the military part of the airport, home to the Nevada ANG!



KRNO has been submitted to the OR process! Pictures of the final airport are coming soon!



Can’t wait to do flights to Hawaii and beyond out of Reno


Final Images of KRNO!


If anyone has any question, I am more than happy to answer!


This is not a place to request airports or ask if they are being worked on.

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this looks good!

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Thank you so much!

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Looks amazing keep up the good work @A320_Flyerboy19

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Thank you very much! next big one is PANC & PALH!


Can’t wait to do MSP-RNO is (partly) 3D! Delta recently added it to their roster, in addition to Sun Country’s route. They also do quite frequent charters to Reno, so that should be fun.