Renewing subscription without permission

A few days ago I got a mail from apple and they said my subscription was renewed. Even tho I didn’t turn on a button or so. I had €22 on my apple account and I bought a month sub a month ago but it is automaticaly renewed. I tried to contact apple-support but they said that they cannot help me further. If a mod want to help me I can provide a screenshot via private message.(I dont want to add it into this topic because safety reasons). Is there way I can get my money back?

If you don’t want to auto-renew your subscription, you can turn off auto renew in your device settings.

He’s asking for a way to get his money back, not how to turn off auto renewing the subscription. I might be wrong.

Thank you for contacting support. Auto-Renew can be cancelled directly from your App Store or PlayStore app. Please find the instructions for your store below:

Google PlayStore:
View, change, or cancel Google PlayStore subscription

iOS App Store:
View, change, or cancel your App Store subscription

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions! Thank you!