Renewed Subscription, I am now grade 2? 50,000xp for grade 3 and Grade 4?

I just renewed my Subscription today, and before I renewed, I was grade 3, but when I renewed, i am now Grade 2. I am wondering what just happened. I would like to know if this is normal, because I have 27,681xp (which is grade 3). Any info that can be helpful, thanks.

iOS 10.0 Beta 3 (Public Beta)
iPhone 6 [16GB]
Infinite Flight is up to date with the latest version
Previous subscription expired on 8/21/16 (Monthly)
New Monthly subscription just bought today.

Hours: 30hrs 58mins

Look at grade 3
50,000xp required
Now look at grade 4
50,000xp required
This does not make sense at all

oh wait, Grade 3 is now to be 50,000xp.


You have to get 50,000 XP points to get Grade 3.


As I said, I found out :(

Now I look like an idiot at grade 2 ;(


Actually, This does not make sense…

@grxninesix Take a look at the screenshot and see if something is off.
Actually, I posted some similar things

I believe this changed this evening in an attempt to make a better expert server.

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And a emptier server. But yes it should be more professional

I have 160000 XP and 100+ flight Hours but I’m grade 3…😕

I also renew my sub, my problem is landings…

Try using trim (Around 40) and practice on a long runway like KSFO on Solo mode, with clearest weather. Back on topic…

Was that for me?

I just found out :/

Guess I have to fly with people who taxi through grass again

I think he meant no. of landings not quality of them.

Your not the only one

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Exactly. I am a totally good pilot but to play live j need to go on training server which is always Southern California and always a mess with bad controllers and trolling pilots

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I went down a level

Absolutely ridiculous to be downgraded!

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