renewed subscription, but it says I dont have one...

I was told that my grade to 1 would ONLY be for a week… It has now been well over that… and I am still on Grade 1.

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Have you completed the requirements for grade 2?

Yes… New update: everything is ERASED!!! My username, all my XP, all my flight time, my landings and my online flights…

What was your grade before it was erased?
have you logged into your previous account?

2 for a long long time then 1 like a few weeks ago for crashing my plane, which was suppose to be a week…
And yes I always do! and did earlier, I had just renewed my subscription like I always do… never had this before

Another update… logged in to my own account… back to grade 2! HOWEVER… it says I have no subscription??? But I just paid for one 3 mins ago!!

redownload the app maybe?

In that case, I’ve changed this to #support, where the community will try to help you out. If nothing works, I recommend emailing the support email, which I’ll link in a bit.

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Also, please edit the first post to fit the requirements of the support page so we can help you as efficiently as possibly, mentioned in the following link:

I don’t know how but for some reason an odd account was made when I was paying for my subscription… I did NOT create one, not with my knowledge…

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In that case, i think your best option is to email the email account in the thread I linked. There, Sebastian will help you to the best of your ability.

It is very likely you were logged out of your current account when you purchased a subscription which causes IF to create a new account. No need to worry. Contact a staff member with the username and callsign of both accounts and you can get them merged.

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yeah… but i don’t have the time to wait god knows how many weeks

Sebastian responds to the emails as soon as he can. He’s usually quite consistent with replying within a few hours during the times he’s up.


I hope so! I don’t want to know that there nothing can be done and I just lost 14$

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You can email them, and everything can probably get sorted out. If not, and if you’re an Apple products user, you can easily request a refund through your Apple ID.

No need to e-mail, I’m here.

You’re newly purchased subscription have most likely ended up on an new account.
Are you able to check the display name and callsign for that account? I’d also need the details for your primary account as well.

Well then, I am done here

I was just thinking to email you guys as he may have had to share email addresses, which isn’t something the OP would probably want to or should do on the IFC.

I was just emailing :(

I was just about to email you and send a recording of the issue, I’ll just copy and paste on here, be quicker

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