Renew subscription

Ok so here is the problem first of all I don’t how much its gonna cost in dollars for a one year renew and second I am gonna purchase it using Google Play gift card …so the problem it says only for USA but is this game based from US?

Later is it going to be a problem?

Hello! I do not know much about the gift cards, but I can tell you a one year subscription costs $79.99.

Ok that’s one thing down but the gift card says only USA store…

You will have to contact the store you intend to purchase the gift cards from.
But by the looks of it, it’s only available for the US Google Play Store.

Wait but I live in Bahrain so I am gonna purchase it from here …

Yes, that do sounds like a problem.

As i said, reach out to the store about it. It’s the best option for you.

With Apple, gift cards are specific to a country. To redeem it, you need an account for the store in the country. I suspect with Android that’s the same.

If the gift card you have is for the US, and you’re not in the US yourself, you may need to research how to work this with Android.

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Yea I would contact the supplier. In the big NZ we have 100$ app vouchers Which is equivalent to 67$ ish.

They have a very weird policy…let me see …

I have a Google Play account but the problem is with its validity that’s only in the USA but I am purchasing a gift card which is valid in the USA but from another country.

Please reach out to the place you intend to purchase the gift cards from.