Renew Live+ subscription

Hey @all! I’ve got a small question: I ever paid my Live+ subscription with the Mastercard of my father. But he died a few months ago and I can’t use it. I had/have a google account. How can I renew my Live+ subscription in a few weeks without the Mastercard? Are there other payment methods? Thanks for your answers!


First off, I’m so sorry for your loss.
Secondly, yes there are plenty of other payment methods. You could use another credit card, iTunes/Google Plus card, etc. :)


Thank you for contacting support and our sincerest condolences to you and your family.

Another alternative to entering a specific card is using an App Store gift card, whether Google Play or an iTunes card. We appreciate your business.

Edit: RTG113 beat me to it. Solved! 🙂


Cancel your subscription, then pay again with a new card this time

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Thank you! So I will keep my XP and flight time when I use Google Plus card?

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Yes. As long as it is associated with the same Email.

You have to upgrade your subscription on the same account. Or you can have some staff or someone transfer your Grade and Stats.

Thanks for your help! :) I’m confident hat it will work!

I guess a mod should close it?

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Resolved. All the best @AirMelody