Rendezvous at 30,000 ft


2 classic, beautiful aircraft meet eachother at FL300, enroute EDDS-LSGG.

Sadly, the LUFTHANSA 747 is still the only aircraft with two different registrations , YA at the top of the vertical fin and TD at the rear fuselage, and many many other things that are wrong with the livery :( …also the updated livery is ready since 4 months its still flying around like this since 4 years… that’s something IF is just way too slow and that’s totally disappointing.


Horizontal separation intensifies

Seriously though, nice pics!


We were out of tomato juice and asked Delta if they could help us out and throw some over …


Great pics guys!!

Did I hear tomato juice? That’s my favorite 😋

Fantastic photos, love both planes and still haven’t had the chance to fly one

First one, no, second, third, all of them are the best. Beautiful shots. I truly do love them. ♥️

even i drink it during flight as its kinda stopping me from being hungry and has less calories…in a job where u sit all the time you have to be careful to not end up like some of the captains where you think is he even able to pull the column fully back because of the restricted place between him and the controls 🤔