Rendering Resolution

Hello guys, I was just wondering, is there a reason why the Rendering Resolution option is missing? Is it intentional or a bug? I noticed it defaulted to High.

Before the update, my graphic setting is all on low, AA off, fps capped at 30, and I could easily maintain 30fps 99% of the time. Now, my fps dropped significantly to 15-20 once I get airborne, on Solo. Maybe it can drop more when I get on Live.

I use IF mainly for a quick route/SID/STAR familiarisation, so I couldn’t care less about the graphics (hence my graphic is all low). But since the update this has been a problem since I can’t achieve real time simulation anymore when FPS dropped to below 20.

My device is Redmi Note 9S. Any clarifications on this matter would be really appreciated! :)

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It’s a known issue with this update. IF is working ok fixing the problems in a upcoming hot fix update

Please continue here:

Please provide device information etc on that thread so Philippe can help sort this out :)

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