Rendering quality problem on A320-319-318

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I did meet a problem a long time ago about texture of the A320 family, excepted A321 model. I didn’t ask about that immediately as I though it would change with the updates but nothing changed.
It’s not a big problem, the fame is awesome, only a little thing I’m wondering finding a solution for.

In this picture you can see an A320 tail, and the little thing is about the black line on the tail. It’s not straight, or at least it’s not as good as the on the A321 :

So I tried to change graphics that are usually on light, medium, but even when I put all in high mode nothing change.

Once again it’s a little thing, but that means for me.
Many thanks,


I think you can solve this by activating the “Anti-Aliasing” in Settings. Nonetheless the outside model of the A320family isn’t the newest in IF, hence rendering might still not be as fantastic as it is on the A350 or B777-200.


I though about that but if so, why is it already correct on A321? Anxiously I can’t fly with the anti aliasing, but I’m going to see

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Just tried, it doesn’t change.

I don’t fly the A321 that often, so I don’t really know for sure to be honest.

The best I can get for the A320family is the following and this is with Anti-Aliasing on, which really helps I think.

I have Limit Frame Rate off, but that should be unrelated.

That happens to me to, I think that is the way it was made…

In fact in your picture this is the same one than on the A321, exactly what I’m researching.
And it doesn’t work with the anti aliasing too, maybe it comes from my device

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Sorry, I missed your earlier post… I don’t have any further ideas unfortunately, but yeah, I have Graphic Settings all on high and Anti Aliasing on.

Really hope someone else will be able to help you with the issue!

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Hi Alexander,

I don’t think the texture problems you have are from you, I think it’s just the way the current A321 is designed. It is possible that the A320 has a better wing graphic quality than the A321.

Could possibly be a rework of that in the future.

I hope that helps!


Hello Alexandre And Thanks For The Question.
Please Do The Following And See If This Helps!

  • Make Sure Your WiFi Is Working Fine. (

  • Can You Reply On What Model / Brand Your Phone or iPad is?

  • What Server Are You In? Solo Or Multiplayer?

(This Is The Things I Need To Help You Solve This Problem.)

This Problem Did Not Occur To Me.
Please Check The Following And Then I’ll se what i can do for you Alexandre.

Hello Alex!
I believe I have found the solution to your problem. Check out this post below made by Chris S a month or two ago: The level of details (LOD) changes when models are zoomed out on. This is in an effort to improve performance. Anti Aliasing is the main way to fix this for screen shots or videos. Could you try reinstalling the app as you said above and could I please have your device type. Cheers!

Happy Flying :)

All can be found in this topic: Jagged Lines

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Yeah I initially though about that until @JulianB showed a picture above of the same A321 design on the eurowing A320, that’s where my questionning comes from.
Thanks anyway, I think it is maybe from the device


I used to play on a Samsung Galaxy S8 but currently I’m on Huawei PLite 2019 version. I’ll try to re-install the app, thanks !

What processor does your Huawei have?

I don’t know to be honnest. But I’ll make a restart this afternoon and see what happens then

I still can’t explain why @Alexandre has the issue, but the wing design quality is very similar for me on both A320 (Eurowings) and A321 (SWISS):

(A320 picture taken in replay mode, A321 not).


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