Rendering Quality Issue on Android

Hmm… The thing is that I have already done a factory reset and nothing helped :( So I dont know what to do now…

Can you use the record functionality and record a video of the lag and post it on youtube or somewhere?

How much free storage space do you have? (Not ram)

I have about 40 gigs available.

What about an internet speed test? You can go to or there are many apps available.

Are you on wifi or cellular? Does using one vs the other make a difference? Even on solo mode the internet is required.

Just to clarify, when you said you did a system reset that you restored the device back to the factory settings and reinstalled?

I think that’s the problem if performance depends on internet too. I’m not home I’m on vacation and here the internet is poor so maybe that’s the problem, idk. But why it only lags when RENDERING QUALITY is above low??

Oh and I have done the factory reset yesterday.

There is more demand on the network when the rendering quality his higher. That could explain why you are seeing it. Especially if it was fine before.

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Ok understood. Just hadn’t had a chance to play it at home because I bought IF 2 days ago.

Give it a try at home or on other networks (wifi) and see. If it happens then we can take another look.

It gets difficult to troubleshoot vacation hot spots.

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Yeah I understand. Guess I’ll have to wait till I get home :( But thanks for helping me out :))

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Feel free to PM a moderator to reopen this if needed.