Rendering Quality Issue on Android

Hey, already posted a similar topic to this one and since then have figured out a lot of things. So my phone has much more available Gigs of RAM than recommend on IF and I can run the game both Rendering resolution and the texture quality on high plus anti aliasing enabled, but when I set the Rendering quality at least on medium the game just starts to lag horribly in the menu and in the flight. I even. Tried to set both on low and set rendering quality to MEDIUM and still it lags a lot… I mean I have tried everything already, TTS, total reboot, Screen resolution, anything I could find on community or YouTube and still no luck :( So if you could help me somehow it would be amazing! Because rendering quality makes IF looks beautiful and it’s just unsatisfiable to play IF when you know that your phone is supposed to handle it all…

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Do you have limit frame rate on for starters and what device do you have?

Yes I do have the limit frame rate on and my device is Xiaomi A1.


You said that you tried everything. Did you try a factory reset too?

Yes, I mentioned that too.


As this can be useful for others, i’ll reply here instead of the e-mail you sent us :)
I just want be sure of one thing before continuing;
Is it only “Rendering Quality” that affects the performance? And it’s only when you have it set to Medium or higher?


Yes sir, you are right on point.

Can you make sure that you are not using Android’s battery saver option? That will throttly down graphics and hurt performance.

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Adding to what Chris said:
What Android version are you running?

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I’m not using it and either way it’s the same…

Im using Android 8.0.0

Do you have any lag-problems while using other applications?

I do not have any other issues.

Does it lag in solo mode too?

I don’t have pro version yet so I’m not in global, just solo and yes it lags.

Heya buddy,

I had a quick look into your device, the A1.
It runs a Snapdragon 625 paired with an Adreno 506. Whilst your processor is pretty powerful, even for a mid range phone like the A1, Xiaomi haven’t splashed out on your GPU, which I expect is the main reason you are having so much lag.
To further that, your Basemark scores are pretty low. Since you are on android, I’d like you to run a little test, if you don’t mind of course.
• Download and run this app for approximately 1 minute. Screenshot your results.
• Restart your device. Once unlocked, open up this app. Do not open any other apps. Run again for approximately 1 minute. Screenshot
•Post your results here

This test will allow me to determine whether the source of your issue is the CPU.
Many thanks!


Ok I will try to, thank you.


AFTER RESTART - Screenshot_20180611-213758

Oh damn. That’s not at all what I was expecting. Your processor is absolutely fine, in fact it’s probably as good as it was day 1.

I’m not going to suggest you restart your device, lower graphics. I am going to suggest a factory reset though. Not something I usually recommend unless I cannot think of an alternative. Your processor is absolutely fine, and the only thing I can think is that you may have some kind of malware or app running in the background that is slowing it down.

As I said, your phone isn’t built for performance, but it’s still relatively powerful.

That said, your phone does perform slightly better after a restart

Edit: I have a flight to land quickly at WSSS cas and then Ill be right back