Rendering quality causing fps drop

Device: Zenfone 3 ZE552KL
Operating system: * Cortex-A53 Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM8953

  • Adreno 506
  • 4 GB
  • 64 GB
  • 64 Bit

Well , as I have been reporting , my fps have been unbearable since 22.2 , I went through something similar in 22.1 , right after the rendering quality option was inoperative , after about 2 weeks , they released a Hotfix that put the rendering quality option operating again and so I could put it in low quality , running the simulator at 25 fps , but soon after it came to 22.2 , and thus returning to the same problem on my device regarding the rendering quality option being inoperative , having no way lower the quality , because it came all in High and not having a way to put it low , I ask the developers to check this issue , because when it happened for the first time I lost half of my monthly subscription , I ask you to see the possibility of a Correction again of this option to be able be changed within the simulator, thank you in advance…


Are you saying the the settings isn’t possible to change? Just asking for some clarification here :)

Yes, even if I change it to the lowest resolution, it remains high resolution when starting the flight…

Okay, so it is changeable but you’re not noticing any difference. Good, then we understand the issue better :)

Yes, it is mutable, but even if I change it, it doesn’t show any graphic difference, and this is leaving my simulator below 10 fps because of the high quality…

It is doing quite a lot of changes, but they’re barely noticeable. This in part is intentional to have as little visual differences as possible between the different settings, but without causing too much performance degradation. But it seems in your case, it unfortunately has.

I have however forwarded this to developer working on this, so we’ll see what the word is on that :)


Ok, thank you very much for informing me and giving attention to my case, I hope you fix this issue soon… Because infinite flight is the only simulator that I like right now and it’s pretty bad not to simulate it for almost 2 months…

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