Rendering issue on the 777-300ER interior

I’m currently doing a long-haul between Honolulu and Hong Kong in a Cathay Pacific 777 Worldliner (777-300ER). After take-off I began to orient my interior cameras for the journey and noticed this rendering issue on the interior of the cabin.

Pretty sure the 777 isn’t supposed to have a skylight. This is happening right in front of both the R2 and L2 doors. I checked the rest of the interior, and am unable to find this issue happening anywhere else in the cabin.

Is this an Infinite Flight issue? Or is it a device issue with my phone not rendering the plane correctly?

I’m operating an iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 16.1.2

Maybe its for first class passengers to enjoy 😃

Perhaps try restarting your app after finishing your flight and see if the issue persists

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haha, maybe! I’m only about 10-15 minutes away from landing now, so I’ll try restarting when I get to the gate!

restarting won’t solve the problem, it’s a common issue on 77W before 22.8


So it has been a known issue?

yes, it is.

This interior , flight deck bleed is found in many IF airframes not just the triple 7. It exists in varying degrees and locations.

They are known issues unless you only fly in the HUD only view or Exterior View.

Learn to live with it, graphic anomalies like these
will probably never be corrected in our life times

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