Rename VA category

Some “groups” in Infinite Flight aren’t a virtual airline but i think it would great if we categorize them in the same category then rename it to “VA & Groups” or something like that, this is the same kind : a virtual airline is a group of people.


Good idea. Would be easier for groups.


totally agree with you there! I have seen several times people say 'we are not a VA, but a group of pilots or flying club…" umm that really is the same definition as a VA!!

Totally Agree!

You got this idea from my TFS topic didn’t you ;)

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A VA operates very differently to a group, groups tend to fly with others, are more relaxed and just socialize. But a VA tends to operate websites, schedules, a whole network. When you think about it, it’s very different…


I would disagree with you there Oli! SOME VAs ( the best realistic ones ;-) ) operate different from a group, but there are a lot which run very similar to groups.

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