Rename Runway Markings 2L and 2C to 02L & 02C in WSSS

Not sure if this is important or not but in real life, it’s



Note: Edited title as it’s the markings not the labels & thank you @dush19 for the edit!

I guess this you be still said as 02L/C in Infinite Flight


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My bad @dush19, I accidentally moved the topic back to General

You mean the markings?

Yes sir, have already edited the title. Do help me to put the topic back to Features, thanks! :)

Well, this issue has been brought up before.

@philippe said

For now all our markings follow the US standard… we will look into supporting european standard in the future.

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Roger!! Hope to see it done soon! :D

There is nothing I can do about that as I did indeed name them 02l/02C, but IF does only support the american standard.


In the US, single runway numbers don’t use the 0