Rename "Features" to "Feature Requests"

As we have recently seen, many new members have attempted to make feature requests in the #developer category. What I propose may help solve this problem. People may think that #features is the place to discuss existing features. Renaming the category may solve the issue.

  • Great idea!
  • Meh.
  • Don’t do this.

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Well, if users would take the time to read the guidelines, we wouldn’t have this problem. The guidelines clearly state that the category should be used for feature requests and not to discuss existing features.


Well it’s impossible to fix ignorance, might as well try maybe. But maybe it’s just me since the only invalid feature requests I’m seeing are regions and duplicates so would it be needed-this suggested change only clarifies an issue that may not exist?

I haven’t been as active lately so perhaps Carson has been cleaning up these topics before I see them. If that’s the case, then this is a good idea to consider.

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