Renaissance Hotel Spotting part 1

Guess who’s back!

I recently went spotting at the Renaissance Hotel at the Atlanta airport, it was the most amazing spotting experience ever! So I will do several posts and work my way through my trip!

A Delta 717 without eyebrows touching down from some unknown origin

The long boi coming in from SLC!

The beautiful Delta 767-300 smoking on touchdown after the flight from Vegas!

A Delta 757 climbing out of Atlanta bound for Detroit!

Southwest rotating out for LGA

Southwest without spilts on short final!

Look who I saw getting towed to a gate

Delta 737-800 floating the landing

717 climbing out for Birmingham!

Southwest with spilts smoking the touchdown!

Hope you have enjoyed this part! Stay tuned for more to come

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Cool photos! We used to get 717s and then the A220 replaced them here 😑

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Want to trade?😂

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But T-tails aren’t going to be around forever. They aren’t on the west coast anymore

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That’s one advantage of living in Atlanta

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The 717 front view looks weird without the eyebrows even if they are super small

Nice pics!

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I like it without them, and thanks!

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Wowowowow those are amazing, what camera did you use for these?

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A Nikon J3, not the best but it definitely gets the job done!

Well it certainly worked here!!

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Indeed! Stay tuned for several more of these

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