Removing Tutorial Clutter

Some may have noticed that I have moved many tutorials out of the tutorial category. This is because we had way too many tutorials covering the same topics/information along with tutorials that just weren’t needed. Please, if I moved a thread out of tutorials, do not move it back. Before anyone makes a new tutorial, or moves something to the tutorial category, make sure that you’re not covering duplicate information and that your information is well thought out and valuable. If you have any problems with what I moved, PM me, do not complain about what I moved in the comments.


I suggest more subcategories be created so people can identify easier as to which tutorial has been done and which hasn’t.

You can just search.

You can just take my suggestion into consideration. Searching isn’t always easy. Why do I say that subcategory is better is because let’s say:

Tutorial > Airbus > Airbus A320 > [Tutorial threads here]
Tutorial > Boeing > Boeing 737 > Boeing 737-800 > [Tutorial threads here]
Tutorial > Cessna > Cessna 172 > [Tutorial threads here]

Very interesting proposal indeed! I’ll look into it:)

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Thanks… Indeed it is at times, hard to find that one topic you need so I suggest merging every duplicate into one main topic then go on with my proposal :)

Why merge two topics with the same information? Then you just have one topic saying the same thing twice.

Haha my bad, I meant those with different information ^^