Removing the velocity vector?

Any way I can do this? I usually fly without the hud, but then I don’t have the important instruments. The velocity vector feels like cheating, and the hud overlay makes it very unrealistic. On iOS.


In the button which you switch to hud, map or other stuff, move up instead of accross.

I know, but then it removes my speed, vs, height etc.

My bar beneath has all that infomattion.

I have different info in the bar, such as time to waypoint etc, which I need.

I never use that.

I do, to time when I need to descend etc

That’s why there’s a map screen.

However the map screen doesn’t give you times.

It has an estimate.

I know that, but it is proportionate to the speed you are flying.

Its also why you slow down before approaching.

I know you slow down… :/

anyways, back onto topic; any way I can remove it without getting rid of the necessary instruments?

No, all you can remove is the map and winds in HUD1.

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Okay, thanks. That is very annoying.


I agree, this is great. I have gone to flying without any hud, especially in small planes. Try island hopping in the carribean, it takes some work to navigate with nothing but visual and your bearing to the next waypoint. If you want I can show you how I configure the toolbar on the bottom, I’ve got pretty comfortable with it. If you have your ground speed, vertical speed, and distance to waypoint in that toolbar you can figure it out. Basically the rule is 60kts ground speed is equal to a mile/minute. So let’s say youre at 24,000 ft and want to descend to 4,000, descent rate is -2000 ft/min- you need ten minutes to do that descent. As you point out, you’ll be slowing down too so that complicates the math, but try to target an average ground speed, you can bring in more math for that. With practice and planning you’ll know exactly how and when to use the throttle to hit that average. So say you’re averaging 300 through the descent. That is 5nm/minute. Times ten minutes; you need 50 miles… This is what I do, not a bad skill for a pilot to apply anyway, it gets me pretty darn close. Just an idea, I like your style there

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This is what I do…i like to fly in cockpit view and while I will switch back to HUD view for landing, the status bar setup right does the job when I don’t need to make quick small adjustments.

Airspeed / Time to next fix / bearing to next fix / Vs / ground speed / absolute ground alt / true alt (sea level)
If it’s really windy, I may switch from ground speed to wind, but not often. This setup does me well.


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