Removing Speed Limit

Hello, If I were to host an air show, is there a way to remove the automatic speed violation?

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Your best option would be to put it on Casual Server so you don’t have to worry about speed or aerobatic violations


No there is no way to remove them, if you want to do an airshow you can always do it in casual server there is no restriction here.

Got it, thank you

There have been times when special NOTAMs were issued by staff within a certain radius around the airport the airshow was to be held. It was done by the staff itself when the event topic was made on IFC. You could give that a try I guess? Yes it was on expert server.

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Of all requests, we get this??? Go to the casual server

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@EmeraldEagle Its a question for ATC and moderation purposes…

Hence CASUAL server,

HENCE if we can get it on expert

Not a chance sadly.

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Have fun regardless on the casual server, Iv done it myself for a few touch and goes to get my landings up, its good fun