Removing Runway Idle for airports with no spawn points

Runway Idle violations should be removed from airports with no spawn points except for directly on the runway. I have almost been reported way to many times during atc training sessions because I spawn in more than a minute early so I can set my flight plan. I end up having to leave the game and re starting the flight to avoid violation. I think this over due.

Never knew this was a thing and seems like a good idea. Does belong in #features however. If this is the case it needs to be done ASAP because it seems unfair.

Cign :)

Correct me if I am wrong but usually those who fly out of these types of airports fly GA? Therefore, a flight plan isn’t really needed. In some cases though, I do agree. I will also add that you can take off, fly runway heading, and then set a FPL when you are ready if this helps?

Well, one tip is to set your throttle to 1% which means you are not technically idling and it won’t violate you. But yeah, this is really needed

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I like this request. There are workarounds as pointed out above, but making a FPL from scratch while in the air is difficult and remembering to set the throttle to 1% while making a FPL is easy to forget. Now, I’m not sure something like this would be prioritized(or easily achieved), but it’s definitely a very good idea.

I use a flight plan for radar training to make it more realistic

Does that actally work🤔 if so why didnt i think of that, genius haha always just assumed it was because you were stopped

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No, it actually works

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